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Publish and flourish: Investigating publication requirements for PhD students in China

This study analyzes the publication requirements of PhD programs in China. It is based on a representative sample of PhD programs from 164 Chinese universities from all fields of science. Our results show that Chinese PhD student significant pressures to publish in order to obtain their degree, with papers indexed in the Science Citation Index […] Lire la suite

Articles avec comité de lecture

The relationship between parenting engagement and academic performance

Gender differences in research productivity have been well documented. One frequent explanation of these differences is disproportionate child-related responsibilities for women. However, changing social dynamics around parenting has led to fathers taking an increasingly active role in parenting. This demands a more nuanced approach to understanding the relationship between parenting and productivity for both men […] Lire la suite

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Le «prestige» de l’anglais l’emporte

Vincent Larivière s’exprime sur la place du français dans les publications de recherche. Autres citations dans Affaires universitaires et le Magazine de l’Acfas. Lire la suite