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COVID-19: Where is the data?

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic has led many to argue that scholarly communication and publishing is undergoing a revolution, in terms of not only the wider opening of access to research, but also the data underlying it. In this post Julien Larrègue, Philippe Vincent-Lamarre, Frédéric Lebaron, and Vincent Larivière, discuss findings from their study […] Lire la suite

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The national system of researchers in Mexico: implications of publication incentives for researchers in social sciences

This article explores the effects of the Mexican National System of Researchers (SNI) on social science researchers’ scientific output and publication practices. SNI operates as a system of pecuniary bonuses for scientific activity; these are granted monthly and calculated according to a combination of an ex-post peer review with bibliometric assessment of researchers based on […] Lire la suite

Articles avec comité de lecture

Does the Web of Science Accurately Represent Chinese Scientific Performance?

With the significant development of China’s economy and scientific activity, its scientific publication activity is experiencing a period of rapid growth. However, measuring China’s research output remains a challenge because Chinese scholars may publish their research in either international or national journals, yet no bibliometric database covers both the Chinese and English scientific literature. The […] Lire la suite